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There are three ways to be notified of changes in a Wiki Space. To set up each method, you will need to be logged in to Wiki Central. Do this by click on the Log In link on the upper right side of any page.

Daily Digest 

There most popular type of notification is called the daily update email.

This will be an email summary of all changes made to spaces to which you have access to. This email is usually generated around midnight and contains the changes made during the previous day separated out by individual space.

To set up a digest email notification, click on your Preferences link in the upper right of the screen.

Then click on Edit Profile.

In the edit profile tab, select the Email link on the left hand side.

Check the box for Subscribe to daily updates and then Save to apply the changes. You may also manage your watched pages from the Watches tab of the profile.

Watch A Page

Once you are logged in. You will see a list of spaces that are available to you. Find the space you would like to begin watching, and click the link to view the home page of the space.

On the home page of the space in the upper right side is an envelope icon. By default it is turned off, and appears grayed out. When clicked, the button now appears in color to notify that you are watching this page.

Please note that by watching a page you will be informed through email of any changes made to the page. If someone were to edit a page, save and then correct a mistake and save again, you would receive two emails from the space.

Watching a page is recommended for pages on which you would like to be notified of any changes. This method will not notify you, however, when a new "Child" page is created. This can be accomplished with the third notification method, described below.

Watch An Entire Wiki Space

If you wish to know about every change that takes place in your wiki, including creation of new "Child" pages, you will want to use this method.

First, navigate to the Wiki Central space you wish to "watch." 

Now select "Advanced" from the "Browse Space" section of the blue left-hand toolbar.

Now select "Start Watching This Space."
You will now recieve updates anytime a page is created, edited, updated or commented upon.