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Fall 2011">Fall 2011

  1. G.A.R.D.E.N.S. (Greenhouse Automation and Relay Device for Expansionary Nodal Systems)
    • Andrew Baker and Willy Duffle 
  2. Power Transfer using Moving Air-Core Transformer
    • Shams Shahadat, Surendra Moktan and Tarik Sourelah
  3. Motorized Cooling Fan
    • Justin Purser, Mohamed El Qacemi,and Wendy Espinoza
  4. New Approach to Power Infants Wheel Chair
    • Spencer Bennett, Matthew Payne and Yiyuan Jia
  5. Self-Leveling Table
    • Matthew Mejia, Grant Armstrong and James Dixon
  6. Autonomous Metal Detector Vehicle
    • Jared Speer, Lamar Williams, Nathan Stephan
  7. Design of small scale smart home system
    • Gabriel Johnson, Chance Kelsoe, Greg Kelch
  8. Flexible System for Pressure Measurement  
    • Yanling Li, John Drescher
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