Inventiblized Dictionary
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A dictionary of self-invented, but highly usable words.

Nimbility. The ability to be nimble. Being able to act, react, and/or deliver in a timely manner as requested or assumed by students and/or clients.

Exsular.  To look outward.  To remember that the way we do things may not be the rest of the world's reality. In order to be relevant and competitive, we need to be exsular, not insular.

Automagically.  The things that happen automatically and magically but we don't know how.  With technology, things happen automagically, thanks to the wonder of OIT.

Re-Encouragement.  To encourage staff over and over again.

Dis't.  Disagree with a smile or a laugh

Permanentized  Making or posting information about a process or system  permanent after the initial announcement.

Murderamir.  End-user reaction to IT projects when they think their paradigm is going to shift or their cheese will be moved.

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