E-mail Blast
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Any official UCO-sponsored email targeted to a specific group of the UCO community, consisting of over 600 recipients.

UCO's Office of Information Technology has the following e-mail blast policy:
•    E-mail blasts must first receive approval of the department's respective UCO vice president;
•    Approval is no longer needed from University Relations; and,
•    Requests must be submitted to support@uco.edu at least 48 hours in advance of delivery time requested.

To eliminate duplication, information will be sent out either as a Centralities message or an e-mail blast, but not both. All requests for Single message mass e-mail communications are to be submitted to the UCO OIT Help Desk.

More on the UCO email policy can be found here: http://technology.uco.edu/oit/mass_email_policy.htm