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Deficiencies occur as a result of a subscore of less than 19 in any area of the ACT (performance deficiency) or because a student has not taken the college-bound courses in high school (curricular deficiency). You can correct deficiencies in a few different ways:

  • Take a residual ACT (these tests are administered on our campus and the scores are only good at UCO)
  • Take the College Placement Test (CPT) and make a great score
  • Take zero-level courses in the deficient area which will prepare you for the college-level requirements

Deficiencies must be remediated by the time a student has completed and/or enrolled in 24 semester hours at UCO. Failure to remediate a deficiency within this timeframe will result in a block on enrollment for subsequent semesters. You will need to see your advisor immediately.

If you have questions about your paticular deficiency, just ask your academic advisor to help you decide the best way to correct it.