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Wiki Central is a free web-based collaborative resource available all UCO Faculty members. By utilizing a Wiki Central "space" (our name for a single wiki) in your classroom, you open the door to new directions in learning, facilitation of teamwork and a new way to monitor learning.

The collaborative workspace offered within Wiki Central has the potential to encourage students to work together, correct and modify each other's works, track the contributions of team members and create a sense of responsibility, community and ownership. With instructor guidance, students could create study guides, sample tests and develop extensive documentation on research papers. Instructors can evaluate students by following their individual contributions and use the wiki to critique writing and communication skills of the class.

Similarly, faculty may wish to request their own private Wiki Central space for scholarly research, collaborative work with peers, peer review and more. 

If you would like to learn more about how Wiki Central can benefit your learning environment, contact the UCO Technology Resource Center. 405-974-5595, Lillard Administration Building, Room 101.


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