How to Add YouTube, Scribd and Slideshare to Your Wiki
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NOTE: This procedure is now outdated and has been replaced with the much simpler "Widgets Macro."

This page remains for archive purposes.

You can embed YouTube(videos), Slideshare(powerpoints) and Scribbd(documents) content in your Wiki.This is accomplished with a "macro" or special commands that are inserted into your wiki.


You must get ID information from the embed code on any of these sites for this to work. Each site has it's own ID information, and you will need to look at the embed code carefully to pull out the information you need.

Each site uses similar macro (below), however you will need to customize each one based on the content and website you want to use. The examples shown here will need to be modified for your own content. You can copy and paste the macros, but  remove ALL the slashes and add your own ID info.

For YouTube, use this:


Unknown macro: {you-tube}

For SlideShare, use this:

Unknown macro: {slide-share}

For Scribd use this:


Unknown macro: {scribd}


Once you have your macro above customized with the ID information for your content, visit the wiki page where you want it to display.

Click "Edit" on the "Browse Space" sidebar, and then the "Wiki Markup" tab.

Locate where in your page you wish to show the content, and past in your custom macro. 

Then, Save your wiki page.

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