Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: What is the benefit of a wiki? Why not just use e-mail or a traditional website?
A: Wikis are becoming more and more commonplace in both education sectors and the business environment. Many users feel that wiki spaces actively promote collaboration by centralizing information. With traditional e-mail information is exchanged back and forth and never really collected in one space. With a traditional website only a select few have the access to update information causing a delay between decisions and information exchange. Wikis can help to solve both of these issues by allowing any user to update, edit or create content. The other users can then see the changes and have access to the most current information.

Q: Why do I not see the edit button on a page?
A: Confluence access is based on roles. If you are not seeing some functions of confluence you may not have the correct permissions for that action. For example, if you are reading the information from a team member's wiki, they could have the permissions set to read only. In this instance you would be able to read all of the information on the site, but only the original user can create, move or remove content.

Q: Why do I have to login to see some pages, and others are available from the homepage?
A: This is also an issue of account permissions. Some pages within WikiCentral are set to allow anonymous access meaning anyone can view them. Other spaces within confluence may be set so that only the team members or department members can view and edit the content.

Q: What is the difference between WikiCentral and Bronchopedia?
A: WikiCentral is the name for our wiki system at UCO. WikiCentral hosts more spaces, not just Bronchopedia. Bronchopedia is a wiki that contains a list of terms and definitions in use at the University of Central Oklahoma. The main purpose of the Bronchopedia is to provide clarification on the various terms or abbreviations that we use everyday. For example, a UPS to someone in an Information Technology department is usually referring to an Uninterrupted Power Supply, but UPS to someone in the Campus Mail Department is more likely to be the delivery service.

In short, Bronchopedia is only one of the many wikis in WikiCentral.

Q: My Password won't work!

For UCO Staff and Faculty, please log on with your desktop (Windows) username and password. Students should log on using their UCONNECT password, as should Staff/Faculty who use a Mac.

Q: Does Wiki Central lock a user out after too many invalid attempts? I can't get logged in but I tried a few times with the wrong password first.

If you are Staff or Faculty, you may have noticed that several incorrect attempts to log on with the wrong password on a Windows computer will lock you out. This is a security feature of the UCO computer network. Wiki Central utilizes this same password security system.

If you login incorrectly 3 times, you will be temporarily be unable to login to Wiki Central, just as would happen on your Windows computer. If this happens, just wait 15 minutes and try again. If you need additional password help, please contact the UCO Help Desk.