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To make an attachment appear in the page:

You need need to link to an attached file in the text editor to make a link appear in your page.

Simply type some text, such as "Mission Statment PDF" then highlight it. Click the link tool (the globe with a chain link on it).

Then, in the pop-up window, select the "attachements" tab and click the item you want linked.

To Attach a File:

You can attach a file to your page, and your Wiki Members can make changes and upload it back. This will keep track of each version of the changes.

But to keep each version, the file name must remain the same. This is accomplished by clicking "Save" when the web browser promts you, rather than "Open"

To make a change to the Word document, click on the link below, then click "Save" to your desktop.  Open and edit from your desktop to make changes to the Word document.  Come back to this page, click "Attachments" from "Page Operations" on the left side bar.  Click "Browse", attach the document from your desktop and "Attach Files". 

Course change document (Word doc.)

From this point on, always "Save" to desktop, don't click "Open".  The most recent file is the top file.

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